Military Descaling Applications

Every branch of service requires equipment cleaning. As the first supplier to ever be allowed to bring our descaler onboard the US Navy’s nuclear subs and ships, we know that our products can handle just about any cleaning projects in any military application. We offer consultation of products and applications, training to your military or contract military staff, as well as complete pumping systems to maximize efficiency of our descaling products.

Condensing Cooling System Optimization

As specialists with condensing and cooling systems, we can help you prolong the life of your existing cooling system with a thorough descaling solution. We can consult your facility on a preventative maintenance plan to keep the system running to its full capacity, minimize downtime and maintain the life of your equipment.

  • Increases unit performance
  • Safely removes scale and oxidation
  • Removes bio-growth
  • Eliminates dirt and sludge
  • Restores corrosion protection

Heat Exchanger Optimization

Our products are designed to maximize efficiencies with heat exchanger equipment without taking the equipment apart. By maintaining a routine preventative maintenance plan, we can advise what products, equipment and time frame is necessary to maximize an optimal heat exchanging system and get immediate improvement in heat transfer results.

  • Greatly improves process efficiency
  • Safely removes scale and sludge
  • Restore mechanical integrity to all types of heat exchangers
  • Services equipment in place

Boiler Optimization

In order to maximize efficiency of your existing boiler, we can recommend an initial cleaning strategy as well as a maintenance plan moving forward. Cleaning and descaling of your boiler safely removes scale and oxidation, which will significantly reduce your fuel and utility costs, lower stack temperature (and emissions) and maximize the mechanical integrity of your boiler.

In-Shop Capabilities

In addition to handling research and development of new products and processes, our Aurora, Illinois facility can take in projects. We fully document restoration projects and can optimize all types of scaled equipment. With our state-of-the-art descaling ‘dip’ tank, our descaling products and our expertise, we will surely be able to optimize your equipment back to its maximum efficiency.

Please contact us before sending us your projects.

In-House Consultation

With over 79 years of experience formulating descalers for different industries, we can evaluate your system’s performance, perform heat transfer studies, system analysis and mechanical inspections. By consulting with Delta Products Group, you can rest assured that we can come up with solutions for making your systems run more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Turn Key Industrial Cleaning and Descaling Labor

Limitations sometimes require bringing in outside labor for plant shutdown and major cleaning projects. Delta Products Group can assist you with your turnaround and get your equipment up while your staff rejuvenates. We can provide turn-key labor to descale and clean your equipment on your schedule.